Branded Content

We define branded products as a creator or publisher’s products, services or content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value, such as monetary payment. Creators must mention the featured third-party products, services or content, brand, or business partner with their prior permission. Creators cannot accept anything of value to post content that does not feature themselves or that they were not involved in creating.


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You must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including by ensuring that you provide all necessary disclosures to people using such as any disclosures needed to indicate the commercial nature of content posted by you.


Prohibited Content


Certain goods, services, or brands may not be promoted with branded content. We prohibit promotion of the following:


Violations of’s Community Standards.


Illegal products or services


Tobacco products, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, or any other products that simulate smoking


Drugs and drug-related products, including illegal or recreational drugs


Unsafe products and supplements


Weapons, ammunition or explosives


Adult products or services, except for family planning and contraception


Payday loans, paycheck advances, and bail bonds


Multilevel marketing


Initial coin offerings, binary options, or contract for difference trading


Controversial political or social issues or crises in an exploitative manner for commercial purposes


State lotteries


Negative portrayal of voting or census participation in South Africa and/or advising users not to vote or participate in a census


Restricted Content


Some sensitive content can only be promoted with restrictions, such as restricting who can see the post based on age or geographical location.




Subscription services


Financial and insurance products and services


Cosmetic procedures and weight loss


Family planning and contraception


Business Partner Authorization


Additionally, some categories require that the business partner sponsoring the branded content be authorized to promote their services. The following types of business partners require written pre-authorization from before engaging in branded content:


Dating services


Real money gambling




Prescription Drugs


Cryptocurrency products and services


Drug and alcohol treatment centers


Government, elections or politics


Format Restrictions


Your branded content must comply with the following restrictions:


Don’t include pre, mid, or post-roll ads in videos or audio content.


Don’t include banner ads in videos or images.